Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Once upon a time in a far away land (well eight hours from home) I was made to stay in a wannabe castle.... well it would be a castle if the hot water works.... if the internet works....if the cable works... if the air conditioner doesn't decide to break..... if the fire alarms behave.... well I think you get the picture... But perhaps the scariest thing about this castle are the creatures and goblins that live inside the walls.... There are many frightening species here like the Pink Shirt that likes to come in to rooms uninvited and looks like a truck driver or roadkill ran over twice...... theres the guy who likes to spell his name instead of saying it when he's ask what it is....... theres the people who like to ride skateboards at two in the morning and one of them thinks its attractive to wear shorts down to the middle of their calves then socks up to the middle to meet the shorts.... theres the people that like loud monster music at two in the morning.... I could try to explain what monster music is but theres no words to describe it.... I will leave that to your imagination whatever you imagine is probably pretty close..... theres a grandma that likes to wear ugly glasses and slam doors at all hours of the night.....And of course no would-be fairy tale would be complete with out an evil this case a stalker we will call Stalker Guy...... He is like your shadow or your hair in the wind.... always there..... and sometimes with a little side kick who still remains nameless..... But not all is bad in this fair town.... there are the good people that you can talk and laugh with that makes this place tolerable... Like Alice a great roommate (a normal person), Phoebe and her street lamp that emmits the white line, Virirzen(no not the cell phone provider, pronounced veer-zon) and her various modes of transportation, Mari's sly jokes, and my spanish class who I continue to remain lost with two nights a week... But every fairy tale needs a prince charming.... sadly I have only seen mine one time :( So if your reading this leave a post!!!)
Well there's a lot more to tell but all in due time..... Leave a quarter for goodluck!!!